Famous people who filed for bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can happen to anyone at any time and it is usually a result of unfortunate life events or you get caught in the trap of paycheck being used to pay debts and credit cards used to buy necessities. Many famous people had to file bankruptcy only to become successful afterwards. Your situation does not have to be any different. United States Presidents have had financial trouble.  For inspiration, here are some famous people who filed personal bankruptcy or business bankruptcy and are now in a much, much better place.

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Movie & television stars: Dino DeLaurentis, Larry King and Ed McMahon.

Authors and Writers: Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Robert Kiyosaki and Thomas Paine.

Muscians: Ted Nugent, Jerry Lee Lewis, Tom Petty, Merle Haggard, Cyndi Lauper, Tammy Wynette, M.C. Hammer, Johnny Paycheck, Marvin Gaye, Elton John, Vince Neil, Toni Braxton and David Cross.

Business owners: Henry Ford, H.J. Heinz, P.T. Barnum of Barnum and Charles Goodyear.

Actors and Actresses: Sherman Hemsley, Don Johnson, Kim Basinger, Lynn Redgrave, Mickey Rooney, Randy Quaid, Margot Kidder, Lorenzo Lamas, , Zsa Zsa Gabor, Isaac Hayes, Lorraine Bracco and Redd Foxx.

Athletes: boxers Joe Louis and Leon Spinks, Mike Tyson, Johnny Unitas, Bjorn Borg.

Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses Grant.

Bankruptcy is more and more common. The current uncertain economic times and unemployment, lack of increased income to keep pace with inflation, all give rise to intense economic pressure. Bankruptcy is a very good tool to get a fresh start and get back on track.