If You Are Like Millions Of Americans Today You Are Not Alone

You have thought about bankruptcy but you continue struggling to pay your bills for months or years but you keep falling further behind or you were forced to give up paying your creditors just to pay basic living expenses. You have tried a credit consolidation company only to find out that you wasted your time and money.  The collection agencies and creditors’ telephone calls at home and at work are unbearable and relentless, you can’t sleep at night and your relationships with your spouse, family and friends are suffering. You can’t stand being in debt one minute longer.

You are overwhelmed and you need help and you do not know where to turn. You try to explain your situation to the bill collectors but they won’t listen and they don’t seem to care at all. Call a local, trusted and experienced bankruptcy lawyer who does care! Call Attorney Anthony Bucacci or Attorney Robert Simonian and they can explain all the legal options and protection available to you and quickly improve your situation by making a fresh new start in your life.

Most people file bankruptcy after a life changing event such as loss of a job, illness, divorce, loss of a spouse, or, the outrageously high interest rates and penalty fees start adding up faster and faster and higher to the point where you just can’t pay them anymore.

Typically, clients have absolutely given up hope when they first come to our office and feel terrible that they can not control their debt. People want to pay their bills but they are just not able to which is different than not wanting to pay but able to. They are afraid that their friends and family will know about their financial and debt problems. They begin to fear being sent to jail or having everything they own taken from them as some of the ruthless creditors may tell them will happen. They become frightened, scared, nervous and lose sleep and they know they have to do something. It seems that no one will listen and let them start over and get a fresh start.

Bankruptcy Attorney Anthony Bucacci and Bankruptcy Attorney Robert Simonian specialize in fresh new starts for good and honest people. You are not alone, their clients come from all age groups, socioeconomic backgrounds and walks of life, in fact, some of their former clients include other attorneys, doctors, accountants, financial professionals and dentists! They are the long standing and trusted name in bankruptcy from all areas surrounding Fall River, New Bedford, Taunton, Bristol County Massachusetts, Plymouth County Massachusetts and all of Massachusetts. They are experienced and knowledgeable in the new bankruptcy laws and in protecting your rights and dealing with the creditors to stop the harassing phone calls, threatening letters and collection lawsuits, so you can begin regaining peace of mind. Everyone is entitled to a fresh new start in life. Get yours now. Call an experienced bankruptcy lawyer for a free and confidential appointment right now.

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